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Commitment-Based Project Management

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Accelerate Your Projects

Projects Status Confusion

Some projects are troubled because the plan and the reality on the ground split off from each other and have a life of their own. Management is then unable to react in a timely fashion when project support or high level decision-making is required. 


Project stakeholders ask a few simple questions:

  1. What is the current status?

  2. Going forward, who will deliver what, by when? 

  3. What support is required?


Simple questions that should have straightforward answers. Without a clear understanding of project status, the right corrective actions cannot be taken. In addition, deliverable owners don't know what they should be working on next, causing delays.

Projects Delayed

Projects often delayed because of poor communication. Project meetings, administration, and approvals must be minimized to speed the flow of value to the customer.  

Project Quality

When deliverable deadlines are derived exclusively top-down, quality is sacrificed for schedule, as illustrated by the graphic at the top of the page. This creates rework while only appearing to meet the schedule.  

Commitment-Based Project Management (CBPM) was originally developed at Intel Corporation. It improves on traditional project management in 3 main areas:  

  • allows for better management and estimation because plans are more accurate and responsive to changes 

  • increases project deliverable clarity and quality through more a more effective communication process between deliverable owners and users

  • accelerates projects through the creation of common-sense rules for project meetings and reduction of non-value added activities  

CBPM includes techniques that will:

  • build an initial project plan in 1-2 days with direct team member involvement 

  • have team members plan & collaborate directly with each other (spoke-to-spoke communication, without everything having to pass through the hub for approval).   

  • focus on the 3 most important aspects of project management - plan clarity, execution clarity, and functional clarity of the project goal. 

  • deliver projects 20% to 40% faster than traditional PM systems.

Done Right The First Time

  • Capitalize on the team member expertise, throughout the project.

  • Team members are held to their own commitments, out to the project horizon, rather than arbitrary top down dates. This results in a more realistic schedule where quality won't be sacrificed. (We really DON'T have the time to do it over!)

  • A systematic "three week look ahead" to make commits, and assess threats to the project schedule. Timely decisions prevent project delays. 

  • Projects managed through:

    • a simple reporting system that gives clear status and visibility

    • just 3 types of meetings (Map Day, Project Progress Review, Sub-team Progress Review).  

Adapted To Your Current Practices

So you already have a project management system? Not a problem. Adopt the CBPM program elements you need to shore up your current system and reap the unique benefits. Our goal is not to have you trade one system for another, but to increase project speed and value, while reducing cost.  

Harness the full capabilities and motivation of your project team. Use this proven system and experience the productivity gains. 

Information on project status should be available to any stakeholder, on demand, without the need for extensive meetings and other project interruptions. 

Please see Our Offer or Contact Us for more information.

Commitment-Based Project Management

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