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Our Company

For 20 years, Columbus Ohio based Human Performance Engineering LLC (HPE) has partnered with executives to achieve their business process and human performance improvement goals.

HPE applies a number of performance improvement methodologies based on Lean Thinking, Six Sigma, systems theory, and behavioral science. No matter which service, you will find our process to be systematic, collaborative, and evidence-based.

Our Company

HPE Methodologies

HPE applies a wide variety of performance improvement methods: 

  • Lean Value Stream Improvement

  • Six Sigma

  • Rummler-Brache Process Improvement

  • Improvement (Kaizen) Team Facilitation

  • Balanced Scorecard

  • Human Performance Technology

  • Aubrey Daniels Performance Management

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Kepner-Trego Analytic Troubleshooting

  • Information Mapping

  • Expert On-The-Job Training

  • Techniques developed by HPE

Our Clients

Clients & Testimonials


Our clients range from small architectural firms, to Fortune 500 retailers, to large automobile manufacturers. We can service such a wide variety of clients because we know the principles and techniques that allow businesses to streamline and bring more value to their customers. 


We are available to support your performance improvement project anywhere in the world, either in-person or remotely. We can work with virtual teams.


We will dedicate ourselves fully until your goals are realized. And we will leave your staff with new skills and passion for their work. 

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"The HPE recommendations and designs we chose to implement resulted in increases to data quality, better information sharing, a reduction in the average project length and cost, fewer SSI team labor hours per project, and a greater standardization of our project management process. I was very pleased with the results.

On a personal level, Scott explains things in a straightforward manner, listens to his customers, is easy to work with, is passionate about his profession, and shows respect for other people’s time. I would not hesitate to hire Scott again when the opportunity presents itself." 

- Greg Daugherty, Director of IT Stores Technology Services, L Brands, Inc.

Scott Ford Bio

Scott Ford DSC_9604.jpg

Scott Ford is the President of HPE. He began his career as a CPA, but soon realized accounting was a field where all the interesting business decisions had already been made!

So he became an industrial and organizational psychologist, a way to blend his talents with both data and people.


The first author to greatly influence him was Tom Gilbert, one of the founders of the discipline of Human Performance Technology. Scott was inspired by the following quote: 

"Gradually I discovered I did not have the temperament for science, because I was increasingly impressed by how much we know about human performance that we have never applied very well. I saw myself, unlike Newton, as a tiny spot of ignorance surrounded by a vast sea of intelligence. This is the proper attitude for an engineer."  

 - Tom Gilbert, in his book Human Competence.

The word "Engineering" in our company name stems from this insight. Engineers prefer results over ideas that look great on paper, but remain unapplied. We are not in need of a new theory of management, we must properly apply all we have learned about the world of work. 

Scott Ford Bio

In the second phase of his career, Scott recognized that business processes and their improvement was central to value creation, because of their focus on the customer. Jobs are derived from the needs of the business processes, not the other way around. Human performance, while critical to organization performance, can be misspent if the business process is flawed.


Or as Geary Rummler put it: "If you put a good person against a bad system, the system wins every time.” So Scott mastered and added process improvement methods, like six sigma, lean, and the theory of constraints, to his skill repertoire. Scott is a Lean Six Sigma blackbelt.

System Map Capture.PNG

Now in the third phase of his career, Scott is focused on leading and facilitating teams in kaizen events, and other types of team-based problem solving. With the right guidance and incentive, these subject matter experts possess an untapped wealth of ideas that can be channeled to organizational goals. These are the people that must maintain the new way of doing things once the consultants are gone, and their engagement is essential for long term success.      

Scott enjoys helping teams tackle the most complicated of business problems. How do we reduce lead times and costs across a complicated business process that spans 7 departments? How can we meet increased customer demand with our existing resources? These are multi-faceted, multi-disciplined questions that require full immersion to solve.

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