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"Familiar things happen, and mankind does not bother about them. It requires a very unusual mind to undertake an analysis of the obvious.”  

                            -  Alfred North Whitehead

Challenge us with your most important performance improvement project  

As an executive, you have strategic objectives you are expected to meet. You define performance improvement projects and set your staff or vendors to working on them. But projects can falter for any number of reasons. Subject matter experts know their fields inside and out, but they may not have training in the necessary human behavior and process problem-solving skills. It may be difficult to look at the issue objectively from the inside. Staff may be too busy to give the performance issue the attention it deserves. Or perhaps the project is faithfully executed but does not have the intended performance effect.


But you didn’t authorize the performance improvement initiative for the sake of keeping people busy, you wanted a result, a measurable improvement to productivity, lead time, quality, cost, satisfaction, or capability, along with the resulting positive impact on profit.    

                                          Consulting Deliverables

Organizational performance issues, even large, complicated, or political ones, yield to a systematic approach. The deliverables below are what you can expect to receive in the course of a performance improvement project with HPE.


Initiate Phase

Project Charter The Charter accomplishes the following:


  • Assurance you are pursuing the right business and project goal.

  • Project complements other organizational initiatives.  

  • Estimate of the economic value of the solution. 

  • Team members understand their roles and are aligned with the purpose of the project.  

  • Sufficient time and resources are allocated for success. 

A Project Charter identifies and addresses the political, technical, and budgetary obstacles that might otherwise sink a project from the start. 

Recommend Phase

Recommendations Report – the findings of the team’s investigative work and the proposed solution set. 

  • A comprehensive and valid set of recommendations designed to close the gap between the current state and the desired state.

  • Hard evidence for the gap, the causes, and the recommendations. Data, interviews, observation, and research. No guesswork.  

  • Recommendations that are technically feasible and economically justified.     

  • A vision of the desired state - a model of the improved process, conceptual designs, or solution prototypes.

  • The order in which recommendations should be implemented for maximum effectiveness.


Implement Phase

Solutions in Place – the recommendations approved in the previous phase developed, installed, and working. 


  • A detailed implementation plan to guide the effort.

  • Design prototypes where warranted. 

  • Solutions developed and implemented by the best suited resources (internal experts, HPE, or 3rd party vendor).

  • Implementation constraints overcome, or minimized.  

  • Solutions specifically address the original project goal and its metrics.


Solution examples:

  • A clearer definition of your business processes and their outputs, to align with corporate strategy and focus employee effort.

  • A business process with the non-value activities removed.

  • A reporting system that provides for quicker, more targeted decision making. 

  • A reduction in work in process inventory (whether manufacturing materials or knowledge work).

  • Automation of simple or repetitive tasks. 

  • More effective training.

  • Incentives and recognition better aligned with organizational goals.

  • Meetings and operating level agreements that increase collaboration within groups and between departments.

Performance gaps often require a solution set. Individual, piecemeal fixes rarely have the intended performance effect.


Evaluate Phase

Sustained Performance Improvement – the management system must be equipped and configured to sustain the changes.

  • A comparison of pre and post implementation performance. You will know if the initiative worked, results are made visible.

  • Adjustments made to the solutions, if needed. 

  • The means by which the solutions will be sustained going forward. 

  • Assignment of management accountability and authority. The management mechanisms needed for ongoing success (manager process, procedures, metrics, policies, etc.).    


Your Thoughts

Would your current or envisioned improvement project benefit from:

  • an expert, systematic performance improvement process? 

  • experienced practitioners that have helped solve performance issues in dozens of industries and functions?

  • objectivity in cause analysis and solution design?

  • the full engagement and development of your staff in the course of the project?  

  • our complete project dedication and follow-through? 

If so, please contact us for a Performance Conversation. Or read more about Our Approach to consulting.