How will your company get to know ours, so we can see what opportunities we might partner on? 

We offer several ways to take a next step. 

Performance Conversation

Let's have a creative discussion about your performance goals. Together, we can address the following important questions: 

  1. What improvement opportunities do you see? 

  2. Which of these opportunities would show the greatest return on investment? (economic, political, and personal).

  3. Is the scope of the effort the right size? Are the goals reasonable and clearly defined? 

  4. Are there any constraints to success (political, technical, budgetary) and if so, how can we address them? 

  5. In what time frame do you need this improvement be realized?   

  6. Is HPE capable of helping you achieve your initiative's goals? What role do want us to serve? (Do, Lead, Facilitate).    

  7. Are other stakeholders required for approval? How can we build the consensus for change? 

  8. What are the next steps?   


In the many performance conversations we've had, we've gotten pretty good at helping executives clarify their objectives, and building support in their organization for change.

The Performance Conversation is free. It is both of our opportunities to get to know each other, to see if we could work together. We guarantee you gain an expanded perspective on how to handle the performance issue of your choosing. We are willing to make an investment in you and your success, upfront. We will send you a summary report of our discussion, along with recommendations of next steps.


Don't have the time to meet in person? Email us and arrange for an initial meeting by Skype or Google Hangouts. 

Performance Assessment

If you are not ready to commit to a larger scale performance improvement project, you may prefer to have HPE conduct an assessment of a current performance situation, to see if a significant change effort is warranted. HPE can provide an assessment in any of our consulting domains - process performance, human performance, feedback, incentives, training, or project management. We have specific expertise in each of these areas. We will give you an economic estimate of the value of any discovered gaps, as well as any gaps in system design. An assessment can be a trial run, a small investment to see if you want HPE to help in the next phase. 

Topical Information Session

You can also retain HPE to give an informative overview on the topics in any of our consulting services. The exact nature of the presentation can be tailored to meet your expectations. We recommend an audience of no more than 20 managers and experts, people tasked with applying or overseeing the areas presented. Presentations are generally 45 minutes, with a Q&A afterwards.  

Please Contact Us today. In your message please include a basic statement of your goals, and which of these offers appeals to you. 


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