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You promote the idea of your business being data driven but you feel your current reporting is not up to the task. Your reports are only giving you part of the picture. Where performance feedback is ineffective, you and your staff are forced to rely on expertise and experience, but this sometimes means you fail to detect an event or a trend, until it impacts your production, or your customers. 


You are not sure everyone knows how to use the reports they receive. This could be a training issue, but is it? Should a good report not be clear enough, useful enough, that the user knows what it means and what actions to take, without extensive training?   

The Solution

How do you, your staff, and your company get better in a complicated and ever changing environment? Performance feedback. Performance feedback allows performers at all levels to know how well they are doing, correct errors, and make important decisions.


What sorts of decisions should you be able to make with your reports? 

  • Sustaining - business as usual: the scheduling of work, the ordering of supplies, the evaluation of performance, etc. Good sustaining measures help achieve production goals through lean resource availability and motivation to job performers.

  • Corrective - the detection of errors as soon as possible after they occur (and before they affect your customer). Whether or not actions should be taken, and if so, what actions are indicated.

  • Innovative - specialized measures, such as process capacity to demand ratios, resource balancing measures, and other metrics used to diagnose the overall health of a business process or human performance measure, and suggest what improvements might be required. 


Simple, repetitive decisions can also be transferred to your software in the form of business rules. This eliminates trivial tasks so your staff can concentrate on more strategic issues.


Measures should also be integrated:

  • across business units,

  • across, functions,

  • across processes,

  • across performers,


so that the components of the organization can work in concert with each other to deliver value to customers and shareholders. 

"Performance measurement is the cornerstone of performance management. The maturity of your measurement system is a key part of your long term competitive advantage."            - Scott Ford

Feedback Consulting Deliverables

Feedback Assessment Report - addresses the following questions.

  • Are current metrics:

    • reflective of our business strategy?

    • aligned with customer needs?

    • integrated with each other?

    • comprehensive and effective in helping us manage and improve business processes?

    • useful to job performers at all levels, in improving their performance?

  • Is feedback:

    • Based on valid data?

    • Delivered in a timely fashion?

    • Delivered to the right roles and systems?

    • Packaged in a way that allows for easy interpretation and performance correction by report users?

    • Granular enough to generate correct decisions?

    • Used to punish, or to motivate?  

Feedback Design Document 

Recommended Changes To:


Data Collection


Supervisor Delivered Feedback

...So You Can:

  • signal what is valued

  • more effectively manage strategy, processes, and people

  • continuously improve

  • collect the right data

  • make more timely decisions

  • trust the data you collect

  • get the right information to the right people

  • easily spot trends

  • interpret reports correctly and make better decisions

  • set realistic and achievable goals

  • provide reinforcement to job performers

Report Development & Implementation

HPE will work with your IT department and its chosen business intelligence software to implement the approved changes to your reporting. Actual software configuration changes will be executed by your IT department, or your trusted 3rd party IT vendor. 

Feedback Interpretation and Delivery Training

Any user of a report needs to have the knowledge of how to interpret it, whether or not to take action, and what sort of action to take. The development of this training sometimes reveals a mismatch of accountability and authority, resulting in a need to adjust one or the other.

Managers are also an important source of performance feedback. They will be trained in how to deliver feedback to their staff in an effective manner.  

Your Thoughts

  • Do you agree with us that performance feedback is one of the most important and most overlooked aspects of performance management? 

  • Do your metrics enable and encourage problem-solving across functions and groups?   

  • Does your reporting system help you detect and resolve errors in a timely fashion?

  • Can all of your employees tell you how well they are doing at any given time, and what they could do to improve? 

  • Could the systematic analysis and improvement of performance feedback within your area help you reach your performance objectives?


If you see one or more of these issues as important to your organization, please consider one of the options in Our Offer.